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Press & Praise

What people are saying about Ouranitsa's performances...

"Her performances are no less than beautiful, mesmerizing, overflowing with sincere passion. Her beauty can bring you to tears." -Jamal Impuro

"Just want to thank you for your skillful, tasteful, and super fun performance today! Our guests didn't stop talking about how beautifully you danced, and the bride-to-be was simply thrilled with (and surprised by) your show. Without a doubt, you were the highlight of the shower. Thank you, also, for your willingness to incorporate Israeli music. The guests, as you saw, loved it. Everything was a real wow--exceeded our expectations!" -client VN, delighted that the bridal shower she planned was such a hit

"Thanks so much for everything; you have been the talk of the community this whole week. You were also the highlight of the party!" -EG, an ecstatic client

"I love watching Ouranitsa dance. She doesn't just dance TO a song; it's more like she becomes it. Her big, theatrical style holds nothing back and her total emotional connection to the music pulls me in with her. I've only seen her dance twice and already I'm a big fan!" -Sansa, an enthusiastic audience member

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What students are saying about Ouranitsa's classes...

"You are a wonderful teacher and I absolutely love taking classes from you. You’ve really built my confidence and I don’t think I would’ve ever had the courage to perform if not for you but I loved it." -Holly

"Class is so much fun! I enjoy your teaching style very much, and the 'family-ness' of the troupe. I never once felt uncomfortable about doing something wrong or looking weird while doing something even while in front of the mirror!" -Nathalia

"I learned a lot and feel like a more confident dancer because of you. I will definitely miss your positive energy, enthusiasm, and your willingness to help me become a better dancer." -J, a student who moved away from Baltimore

"Your class is not the only class I have attended, but your class is the class that I've gotten the most out of so therefore I am truthfully able to compare from experiences. You are the best instructor anyone could ever have. You make the classes fun; you are knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. What more could a student ask for?" -Jeana

"I so enjoyed your class last night and felt a sense of freedom in my dance that I rarely experience in the presence of a group. My classmate and I were commenting on this shared feeling after class. Thank you for the wonderful experience! You are a kind and giving teacher and I hope to take other classes with you in the future." -L, a happy workshop participant

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What Others are Saying...

About Ouranitsa

Ouranitsa is a professional belly dance performer and instructor in the Baltimore area. She is the Managing Director of Egyptian Sun Productions belly dance troupe and a founding member of Barakaat Middle Eastern Dance Company.

Possessing a strong background in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, and Broadway style dance, Ouranitsa picked up the art of Middle Eastern dance quickly and fell head over heels in 2005. At that time Ouranitsa began studying both at Friends School’s Middle Eastern Dance Club and Egyptian Sun. She has expanded her study of the art form under Piper (of the Daughters of Rhea), Shems, Lotus Niraja, and Artemis.

Professionally, Ouranitsa has performed in and around Baltimore as a featured solo artist and as part of her two troupes. However, Ouranitsa is also a gifted teacher and choreographer. After 8 years of teaching classes for Egyptian Sun, in the summer of 2014 Ouranitsa began a teaching hiatus from weekly classes. She still books teaching engagements throughout the Baltimore area and beyond.

Her Egyptian Sun troupemates mark her as the troupe’s resident super spinner and her fellow Barakaat dancers celebrate her as spontaneous singer extraordinaire. Ouranitsa is honored to work with the creative, funny, and inspiring ladies of both troupes.

As a soloist Ouranitsa is known for her charismatic, soulful interpretations of belly dance, and deeply appreciates the opportunity to connect with her Greek and Egyptian heritage through the rich musical landscape the dance has afforded her.

Troupes, Dancers, Musicians, and Organizations with Whom Ouranitsa Has Had the Pleasure of Dancing & Studying

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